Feisty Ferments Kombucha


What do you do about a friend who invites you to an afternoon of fermented foods tasting, and then, is too terrified to taste? Why?….because it is alive with ‘bugs’?

That’s how my incredible journey started….and continues with Feisty Ferments.  

It began 5-6 years ago, working the day job (which I loved, by the way), studying Nutritional Therapy evenings and weekends for 4 years, and experimenting with this new food type any opportunity I could get.  I had vaguely heard about fermented foods, but that was it!.  

My kitchen worktop space started to shrink…from my family’s perspective, not mine!  My ‘food lab’ insidiously invaded more space over time….worktop corners, kitchen cupboards, bookshelves….anywhere I could leave jars of fermented goodies sit in warmth for the microbes to do their ‘thing’.  

As my confidence grew that the ferments were not going to harm anyone (I was initial taster, and I’m still alive!), I started with family to do taste tests (more than a little reluctant!)…then friends….college colleagues (well, they were trainee nutritionists, after all!!), work colleagues (the real tasters, as most were unfamiliar with fermented foods and drinks).  

NOTE: All are still alive!

Now, the day job is history, the college training done and graduated, and in 2020 (of all years!!) Feisty Ferments was born.  

Isn’t it funny where life takes you?!

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